Beauty and Peace of Mind

20 04 2008

Simplicity often comes from having less to worry about. I’ve bought skin and beauty products with a nagging fear about their ingredients. Now, I don’t have to push it all to the back of my mind for lack of guidance. Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database allows you to search for either a specific product or an entire product line, and each product in the database is rated based upon current research on the safety of its ingredients. The site isn’t perfect, and some may question the reliability of the ratings, but overall the information is invaluable for gaining confidence in your purchases. Until the U.S. joins the E.U. in more closely regulating cosmetic ingredients, Skin Deep is a helpful tool. It’s even somewhat green, as certain ingredients can’t be all that beneficial for the environment, either. Avoiding such things is, in my mind, a good idea all around.




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