Earth Day 2008

21 04 2008

What would I be if I didn’t mention tomorrow, a day that has inspired Americans to environmental acts of good will since 1970? Earth Day is always held on April 22, but somehow it sneaks up on one between Easter and Memorial Day weekend. At least, it sneaks up on me. So even if it’s too late for me to do something extravagant, you might be able to. I encourage you to visit the professionals: Earth Day Network, the self-appointed Masters of Ceremonies, if you will, for the holiday. On their website, you can search for local activities, get directions to said activities, and post an activity (there’s still time!). Even if you can’t make it outside, you can sign petitions, register to vote, listen to celebrity pitches for the fight against climate change, read about the environmental impacts of plastic bags, find our your ecological footprint, watch Earth Day TV, and (gasp) even more green things than you can shake a solar-powered cell phone charger at. So try it. And when you’re done, visit, where you can get detailed info and fun activities about all the national parks, so you can start planning your nature-loving vacation. You could even win one.




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