A few more Earth Day goodies

22 04 2008

Buzzard Swamp, Forest County, PA, Summer 2006I hope everyone’s having a peaceful Earth Day. It can be easy to focus on things like climate warming and endangered species on this day, and those things should be addressed pronto. But I believe that the success of Earth Day, even among those who hardly do anything environmentally-friendly the rest of the year, is a result of the positive message and the community spirit it has spread throughout the nation. So, in that light, here are a few more resources to ponder, today or any day:

  • Oprah’s Earth Day Event. Oprah has been on a green and frugal kick lately, helping me with this blog. Well, she didn’t intend to, but she did. Today’s show featured Al Gore and movie stars discussing everything from composting to Gore’s newly solar home.
  • Glamour’s Eco Guide. Some roll their eyes at my Glamour magazine habit, but in amongst the beauty tips and silly celebrity pages, there are stories each month about women making a difference and causes anyone can support. Here’s the page where a recent issue’s going green how-to extravaganza has made its home.
  • NPR’s All Things Considered did a story on green building today, and as usual, the page is chock full of interactive features and guides for those inspired to try it themselves.
  • The New York Times has an Earth Day super-issue, and it’s worth it for things like this: “Bill Nye, the television host and science educator, lives in a retrofitted, eco-friendly, 1,300-square-foot, 1939 stucco home in Los Angeles.”

I could keep going, but there is enough wonderful information in the links above to keep you busy for quite some time. Happy Earth Day!




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