Money Strategies for Uncertain Times

22 04 2008

Today I’m starting a series of posts called Money Strategies for Uncertain Times. Some might not see the connection between saving money for oneself and benefiting the planet, but what I strive to do on this blog is connect simple and green living concepts as much as possible. I believe that someone is most likely to begin a nature-friendly habit that is also simplifying to their lives, and many times, this results in saved money. That is where frugality comes in. I interchange the terms simple and frugal for the purposes of being broad in describing this blog’s theme, and although they are not always the same thing, the places in which they coincide are the interesting places I want to highlight here.

In that spirit, this series will explore ways to save money and environmental cost at a time in which oil prices are obviously not likely to return to more reasonable levels any time soon, and in which the economy is experiencing some middle-aged ailments. We have come through the boom times of post-World War II productivity and the technology start-up era, and now the growth chart seems to be leveling out. Sadly, the rich truly are getting richer while the poor cope with an even greater gap between what they get paid and what it costs to live.

While my job, and my husband’s, are not threatened by layoffs and other volatilities, we are feeling the crunch along with everybody else. It will be a joy to share some of the positive ways we are dealing with limited funds–ways both practical and philosophical. It is my hope that this will be a time for us and all of America to learn how living within shortened means is better for the environment–and for our state of mind–than we ever expected.




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