A few neat things and a request

29 04 2008

A quick round-up of some eco-related happenings on the web:

  • Low Impact Living‘s blog has a great list for the person who thinks they’ve read every tip out there on going green. (Although, why would that person be reading my blog? Hm.) The comments below the list are equally good, and at least one of the tips I truly never had heard before. Another helpful, if not new, list of ways to green your lifestyle is available thanks to The Nest.
  • A new magazine for women going green is launching soon; you can preview Positively Green here, and subscribe if you like. Either way, it’s a free digital magazine this month, and it’s glossier in appearance than in content, covering a bit of everything with class. For something a bit marketing-powered but worth a look nonetheless, try the newly reborn Organic Style, also in free digital format right now.
  • Some happy news: looks like the SUV market is finally taking a significant downturn (Ecollo.)

The request: if you see any certified organic tea available in chain supermarkets, please let me know. Loose or bagged, it doesn’t matter; I am curious to see if organic tea is a product available to the masses, as food for which you pay shipping is not financially sustainable for many.




One response

29 04 2008

Great tips/links.

We have some organic tea at our King Soopers store (Denver, Colo.) Bagged, not loose, I’m pretty sure.

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