What to Do About the Organic Food Dilemma

8 05 2008

The New York Times recently reported on the quickly rising prices of some organic staple foods, like milk and bakery products. Grocery prices in general rose last year, and organic farmers are beginning to abandon the organic label, citing expensive organic feed for livestock and a shrinking profit margin over conventional foods. Compounding the difficulties are rising fuel prices and a lengthy process for obtaining organic certification.

Many people try to decide which organic products are really worth the price–which provide the most reduction in pesticide exposure? This question has become even more relevant in the current economic climate, and resources abound. Check out Dr. Green’s Organic Prescription for his take on the most crucial organic buys, particularly for families with children. (Can you guess the top must-have?) And be sure to get the new pocket guide to what to buy in the produce section, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group. They even score the level of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. (Preview: organic onions are a waste of money.)




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