Paper Redux, Part Two: Junk and Other Mail

19 05 2008

The outcry began almost a decade ago, but now there are finally several options for reducing the flow of unwanted catalogs. Catalog Choice users select catalogs from the list provided, and the site takes care of removing users’ names from the mailing lists. As more people use the service, Catalog Choice says it will be able to acquire more catalogs for its list.

GreenDimes costs $20 for a several-year benefit but includes a larger list of catalogs and other junk mailings. I know people who have used this service and are satisfied with the results. If you are swimming in junk mail, what could it hurt? has a useful article on other ways to stop junk mail, including those pre-screened credit card invitations some people can’t resist.

One final tip for stemming the white tide: pay your bills and receive you banking, credit card, and investment statements online. Many institutions now provide checking and savings accounts with free online banking, so ask at your bank first before making a switch. Financial institutions take many precautions to insure, as much as anyone can, that your identity is protected, and not having to deal with the paper copies is a priceless benefit. Above all, remember this: you’re helping the environment with every piece of mail you avoid.




3 responses

20 05 2008
Mister Moone

Green Dimes DOES work, and has been very helpful for reducing the amount of catalogues we get…and you can really choose the ones you wish to stop…

29 05 2008

Protagoras says : I absolutely agree with this !

25 06 2008
Regis and Kelly Go Green « The Greening Tree

[…] and it featured several of the tips I’ve discussed here for saving money while going green: cutting down on junk mail to reduce spending; buying in bulk at the grocery store; and using clean greening products (bought […]

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