Hooray for Big Corporations

6 07 2008

. . . Okay, maybe not all of them, but some consumer product giants like Deer Park, Kraft, and others are making their plastic containers sleeker to deliver the same amount of product in less packaging. They have even anticipated the fears of consumers and printed “Still 8 ounces!” or similar encouragements right on the package. It warms my heart to see even such a small step by the companies that, like it or not, control the majority of the product stream for the majority of the American public.

Another supermarket development you may have noticed is the introduction, and even T.V. promotion, of concentrated dish and laundry detergents. Buying liquids in concentrate saves money and packaging, as penny-pinchers have known for decades with their (admittedly sometimes scary) concentrated juice drinks. We all remember those from school. Now, it seems, concentrate is cool again, as long as you remember to use the amount on the package.

There are, of course, still corporations that need a push from their voters–the consumers–to make some needed changes to products millions use frequently. If you’d like to help, go here to sign a petition for safe cleaning products and disclosed ingredients from leading companies (with thanks to the Audubon Naturalist Society for promoting this opportunity).




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13 07 2008
Kathryn B.

It’s a step in the right direction, but the motivation is almost certainly economics rather than warm enviro-fuzzies. Rising oil prices make it more expensive to manufacture plastic and to ship all those big product packages around in trucks, hence the trend for streamlining and shrinking packaging. I’m grateful for the end result, but I do think a lot of companies try to squeeze plenty of PR greenwash out of these changes.

3 01 2015

The genius store caleld, they’re running out of you.

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