Walkable Cities on the Web

30 07 2008

I just heard of a great site called Walk Score. While the site’s owners are the first to admit that the system isn’t perfect (yet), it does allow you to see the “walkability”–suitability for walking, that is–of a town and its amenities in a sidebar list. The google map is displayed for you as well. Check out your own town, your friends’ and families’ towns, and maybe a town or two you have been curious about. Or, learn about places that you didn’t even know were there. A coffee shop on Second? Who knew?

In addition to being fun to use, Walk Score makes walkable cities cool and encourages the meandering lifestyle. That’s something applaud.

(Thanks to The Nest.com for the tip)




2 responses

5 08 2008
Mister Moone

Neat idea…But I think ALL cities are to some extent “walkable,” and people should walk them…this might lead to increased awareness of the things that need to be changed (excess litter; poor sidewalk and drainage design; hazards to people and pets, etc). Maybe if we walked more places more often many things would improve?

6 08 2008

I agree–If everyone walks more, we will definitely affect the cities and towns we live in, regardless of their current “walkability.” Imagine what would happen if business owners noticed how many people were frequenting the oft-neglected downtowns? More stores would open within walking distance of many, I think. Small changes have big effects when done on a large scale!

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