Simplify the Holidays

11 11 2008

Once again, saving money often saves resources. Surprisingly, a commercial website, Right@Home, has a great list of (albeit brand name-dropping) tips for simpler, cheaper holiday celebrations and gift-giving.

How are you going to reduce waste in your life and the world this season?

A few ideas that readily come to my mind are: sending homemade, recycled-paper, or e-cards; making homemade wrapping paper and gifts; asking friends or family if they would be willing to forgo present-giving for a meaningful get-together; requesting or giving charitable donations in place of presents. Too many web resources exist on these ideas; do a search and check ’em out!




2 responses

12 11 2008

How about planning the food you are about to serve. Try minimizing the number of recipes and focus on the right amount of quantity. This way, you save more in cooking time and at the same time on ingredients.

12 11 2008

Good idea, Nicco. I often don’t prepare a recipe if it has too many ingredients, or too many expensive ones. It’s a personal decision, but it definitely helps conserve resources.

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