Green New Year’s Resolutions?

3 01 2009

It is natural, I think, for eco-friendly folks to think about green goals for the new year. I, for instance, want to continue expanding my use of green products and reduce my use of disposable and convenience products. An example of the first goal would be switching to more environmentally- and health-friendly cleaning and beauty products; the second goal includes using fewer paper products for cleaning and fewer plastic or paper bags during any shopping.

I actually posted on this topic because I am more interested in the green goals of others. Please share!




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6 01 2009
Mister Moone

I have been recycling dead batteries [Battery Warehouse in New Cumberland PA takes them], and we are using fewer platic bags, or at least re-using them as much as possible. With the recently added Faux Xmas Tree, we have less need to vacume after xmas and no tree to recycle.We are using Green Dish and laundry detergents now, and I have continued to convert lamps [when possible] to compact florescent bulbs.

6 01 2009

I’m hoping to keep finding new ways to be eco-friendly in my food choices – buying more locally, organically (at times) and eating out less, for starters. Since I’m usually only cooking for one, that also implies continuing to try new recipes to find things that freeze/reheat well or that I can eat as leftovers for many consecutive days without becoming nauseated 🙂

8 01 2009

Converting to more fluorescent bulbs is something I’m working on, as well. Eating out less usually results in less packaging, so that’s a great goal. Yet, the nauseating effect of leftovers is not new to me either, sadly. Perhaps I’ll do a post on re-inventing leftovers . . . someday, when I’m more of a cook!

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