Working from Home

27 08 2010

Telecommuting is a bizarre experience, especially if you dislike your job. You wake up, get ready, and carry your coffee up the stairs, or down the stairs, or to the space under the stairs where you now work. Suddenly the stress you used to send off into the atmosphere in the vague direction of the office is inside your house, your haven. How did this happen? Well, you asked for it, is how. You begin to have complicated feelings toward your normally relaxing pad, and they don’t have a clear cut-off point at the end of the day. Bizarre emotions spring forth when you glimpse your “home office,” even in off hours.

It was supposed to be liberating, this ability to work in your pajamas. Few people really have the guts to do that, however. You have the sinking suspicion that your boss will find out. Besides, he’s already breathing down your neck more than ever because he doesn’t have the empty yet comforting proof of your productivity that is your body in a chair next door.

So you get dressed and kiss your spouse goodbye, and he or she goes off and you heave a sigh and walk to your “office,” feeling the whole time that you are guilty of some unnamed thing for having the audacity to work at home. During the day. By yourself. Go figure.

The final, awkward component of telecommuting is motivation. Left to your own devices, you can be incredibly productive. There is no one to pop their head endlessly around the carpeted walls of your cubicle. If your phone rings, you can choose to be unavailable – no one will know. This all assumes, of course, that you mean to be productive. If you dislike your job, you are faced with the very real dilemma of sitting alone with loathsome work to do and no one to make you do it. And this is the birthplace of integrity in the modern world, my friends. I have been there.

In fact, I am there right now. So, back to work.




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