Creativity and Being “Green”

5 09 2010

There is something funny about creativity. Mention it and people get nervous. I think this is why some invent inaccurate meanings for it; they don’t understand creativity, and this makes them uncomfortable.

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, a boss told me I was not as creative as my predecessor. He said it so matter-of-factly that I almost laughed in that “are you serious?” way. I, of course, am heartily inclined to disagree, not because I have proof to the contrary, but because I believe he has no right or means to make this assumption. And I have to say, this may be the one thing of value I gained from his leadership: the will to prove him wrong.

Recent research shows that we can actually cultivate our creativity, even when we may not have a genetic predisposition to certain aspects of it. Other research shows that the traditional ways we try to encourage creativity, such as “brainstorming,” don’t work. We need to feel safe, not forced, to be creative. This was the issue with this boss of mine, and this is too often the issue with people who feel they aren’t creative. They simply don’t feel that they have permission from the world to create they way they would if left to their own devices.

I believe that more people would live a “green” life – making more alive and gentler choices on the earth – if they felt free to expand their thinking beyond the 9 to 5, beyond merely getting by. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs supports this; we cannot care about being the best person we can be without our basic needs of nourishment and love being met. But we needn’t wait for others to give us permission and freedom to create; we can be the authority in our own lives!

I am recommitting myself to creativity. To not caring if some, in their small view, find me less creative than others. In reality, they don’t know us – who we really are when given the freedom to expand to our full potential.

How will you expand?




3 responses

5 09 2010

by being me
because that’s how
i define creativity
‘creativity is you’.
creativity is living
green or blue
black or rainbow
as long as it’s you.

7 09 2010
Susan S.

Glad to see the blog is back! Creativity is so important in every area of our lives. God CREATED us in His image to be creative! (See Genesis chapters 1-2). I have often thought of myself as not very creative. I guess that I was definining it as inventive or artistic. But creative is so much more than that. And now I believe that creativitiy is something that we ALL have (because God created it in all of us). Sometimes I do something that I must do or that I want to do for someone else (like a gift) and I step back and think, “that’s really good… I like that…that is something that no one else could have done quite the same way.” And then I realize that I AM CREATIVE!

8 09 2010

Yes to you both! I truly believe we can all be creative if we are true to our best selves. I often think I’m not and then if I just do, I suddenly wonder how I could have thought such a thing!

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