Green 2.0: Salvaging Nature

12 09 2010
Land-based plants and fungi have been part of ...

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Sometimes we’d like to reconnect to the outdoors, but we count all the reasons we can’t. We are tired, we are busy, we are scared to venture somewhere new. I use these excuses all the time, which shocks me, because I love spending time in nature! Other times, we are not in very pleasant environments, to begin with. We may live in a place with few parks, or not have easy access to transportation.

I believe we need to start somewhere. I wrote the following poem a few weeks ago to work through how I was feeling about a natural place that should have been beautiful, but instead felt abused and adulterated from mistreatment. In the process of writing it, I realized that I could still use the place as nature to uplift me, as long as I chose to see the pieces of beauty that remained.

Necessary Days

Where we stood,
as you looked
it rained so fine
as if trying
to hide tears
for the plants
that were there,
the ones that used
to be
before invaders
forced them out.
I hid tears
for homes I’ve had
more beautiful
than this,
ones that made me
feel alive
instead of weary
to escape.
Back tomorrow
to the fray, so
let us pick
the scattered salvage
from the day
and weave a net
to cradle us
in these
necessary days.


Throughout this series, I’ll discuss practical ways to salvage nature in your life – wherever you are, right now.




4 responses

13 09 2010
Wayne Schmoyer

Good poem; great idea for a Blog thread!

13 09 2010
Susan S.

I have a plant or animal or picture of nature in every room of the house to keep me in touch when the outside is not inviting or is too time consuming.

13 09 2010

That is a great idea. Can I use it in a post?

15 09 2010
Susan S.


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