Green 2.0: Learning to See, Part 1

13 09 2010
Window cleaner at work

Image via Wikipedia

What I’m about to write will insult some of you with its simplicity. It would probably insult me, to be honest. But don’t worry – I have a plan, and this is the first step. I’ll also be doing this with you, because everyone can benefit.

If you want to reconnect with nature, start by looking out of the nearest window. Really look. For as long as you can, at everything you can see. This is the first step to seeing your environment – the one you live in, every day.

I know some of you are probably saying, “my window shows the window next door [or brick wall, or commercial dumpster]. How does this teach me about my environment?” (By the way, I’ve been there!)

Sometimes we get up each morning and walk outside and drive away without even looking at what lies around our front door. Seeing what is there, and recognizing how it makes you feel, is a great first step to observing your world and learning what environments bring you joy.

Whether in the city or the country or the many places in between, look out all of your windows today. How does what you see make you feel? What thoughts come to mind? Are they pleasant? What can you do to make the view better? Where can you go to see more of the aspects you enjoy?

Maybe you can go right outside that window. That’s what we’ll discuss next.




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