Green 2.0: Finding the Beauty

17 09 2010
Beauty is forever.

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Sometimes we do not find ourselves living in very natural places. Despite our location, however, there is surely beauty to be found nearby – we may just need a little help finding it. To that end, why not try some of these activities this weekend?

  • Joy walk: Go on a walk looking only for natural things that make you smile. They may have been put there by people, such as a garden or planter full of flowers, but finding what gives you joy is the goal. Follow your senses and investigate!
  • Special mission: Search for signs of life. This may involve close observation in unusual places, but small plants and animals (insects qualify for this) occupy most places on the planet. The resilience of a dandelion forcing its way through asphalt is just one example of the way nature can inspire our humanity.
  • Balcony gardening: You can grow something wherever you live. Use a sturdy pot or other container (preferably with a few small holes in the bottom) to plant seeds from the supermarket on your windowsill, balcony, or rooftop space. Be creative with the container and the seeds – will you want herbs, vegetables, flowers or ferns? Read the instructions and nurture your piece of nature. Does it change over time? Does it attract any insects or birds?
  • Try a new hobby: If you want to learn more about and find more nature, try checking out a library book on birding for beginners. Once you start, you’ll notice more birds – and other wild things – than ever before.



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