Green 2.0: Unusual Pleasures

27 09 2010


Rain drops on a pyracantha leaf

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I am in the midst of swirling changes. On days like today, when my nerves feel wracked by many questions, I look for the unusual pleasures to be found, indoors and out.

Today, that pleasure is the slow, soaking rain. It was badly needed here in the Mid-Atlantic after a terribly hot and dry summer. But the unusual part is my particular pleasure in it, not for its utility but for the reassurance its steady dripping brings. While my world feels chaotic, the rain is predictable. It’s also soothing that the sky and the earth meet in a peaceful water-world; every problem has a solution, and every road will end with a peace such as this.

What is your unusual pleasure?




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27 09 2010

One unusual pleasure I have is driving on trips in the middle of the night and being fully alert just as the sun is rising – whether it be on the beautiful eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay or the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. It is such a feeling of freedom to see the sun rise while cruising along some barren highway, knowing that few people are likely to be relishing the wonder that I am at that very moment. It’s quite priceless.

28 09 2010

‘every road will end with a peace such as this’
first I have to thank you for that line
I need it for today.
second, thanks I have just enjoyed
my unusual pleasure
the pages on the books
and how the words are arranged in it.
no, not necessarily reading it
but simply enjoying the texture
and the graphics.

28 09 2010
Wayne Schmoyer

I like the rain, certainly, but I would also say Just walking down the brick path into my garden behind my house…that is very soothing!

29 09 2010

Much as I hate spider, I love the beauty of dew sparkling in the sunlight on the symmetry of their web. Well, that is as long as their web has no spider in it and is far away from me!

1 10 2010
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