Green 2.0: Nature at Warp Speed

29 09 2010

Perhaps you don’t move at warp speed, but grant me this: we move a lot nowadays. There are always things to do, some of our own creation. This can make it seemingly difficult to reconnect with nature. What’s a busy person to do?

Try some of these mini-activities on for size during your next road trip, or even as you jet about your day-to-day. Think of them as adult versions of “Eye Spy” – with a double-shot espresso.

  • Something old. Check out a view you pass every day and challenge yourself to find something new about your same-old surroundings. Hey, when did that nest get there?
  • Train window. As you commute on the light-rail or drive to work (use caution people), ponder what makes the landscape unique in all the world.
  • A bird in the hand . . . Birds are literally everywhere. In fact, they may be the most accessible wildlife. Take a moment to watch any bird today. Bonus points if it’s a dirty, commonplace-looking one. Also bonus points if it’s a rare find – go look it up!
  • Mud pies. You may need to swallow some pride and look both ways, but it’s worth it. Stoop or sit on the ground in your backyard (or somewhere secluded in a park) and dig a small hole. Be fascinated by dirt again, if only for a few moments. Are there any tiny creatures? If you do this in your front yard, I cannot guarantee you won’t get strange looks.

And finally . . .

  • Just breathe. Every guru of every meditative, therapeutic art will tell you this because it’s the most simple healing magic anywhere. It can’t be beat. Stop where you are, with all of your bags, and take a few deep breaths. Look around and smile. Doesn’t that feel great?

Now, on your way!




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