Perchance to Dream?

6 02 2011
New Gold Dream...

Image by law_keven via Flickr

I’ve been thinking about dreams lately – the ones we have but doubt they will ever be anything other than that.

We are now in February, the month where New Year’s resolutions often go to die. We are stuck inside, staring glumly at another storm out there, wishing instead for warm breezes and sandals. This can do a number on our resolve to change our lives for the better. We think, what does it matter? I will make resolutions again next year. It’s too cold to do anything worthwhile.

Of course, you know what I’m going to say: Not so! But I don’t want to admonish you to stick to your resolutions. Rather, I want to exhort you to stick to your dreams. Don’t let the fire die, whether it’s the passion you have for your art or bowling, or an actual fireplace you dream of.

Make lists and charts; draw diagrams; write lengthy imaginations of what you desire to be. Not only will you wile away the gray hours of February; you’ll be paving the way for Spring, too. And Spring is never truly far behind.

So, I want to know: what’s  your dream for yourself, for others you know – for whatever?




One response

8 02 2011
Dr Schmoyer

…Good advice!

I dream of free time…

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