Small Things

1 09 2016

Waking up when you didn’t remember it was Saturday

The tea at just the right temperature

The first sip of coffee on a cold, tired morning

When you are alone for the first time in some time, and the room is silent

Coming home, sitting down, removing your shoes and petting the cat

Entering a house from the cold outside when a fire is in the hearth

A bee on a flower, oblivious

A butterfly wafting where you cannot

When the rain starts and the heat is broken

When the rain ends and all is new

Eating the first cherry tomato, warm from the vine

The first flower peeking through the cold ground

The cat lying in the shaft of light; a book on your lap

Taking out the finished pie

A chocolate chip cookie, still warm and melted

The first cookie of Christmas, eaten while leaning against the counter in the warm kitchen

Happening upon a brook in the forest

When you arrive at the beach and hurry out to stand before the waves

A bird landing on a low branch, inspecting you

Wildlife in the garden, unaware you are watching

Walking out of the office on the day before vacation

Christmas Eve at midnight

Christmas Day, before the house has risen

Easter morning sunlight through the church windows




2 responses

1 09 2016
Wayne Schmoyer

I especially love the last three lines..the title is like my list on my e-calendar about poetry themes I want to consider: “POETRY: Little Wonderful Things List: shaving w/razor, new soap/showering rituals, coffee in the morning, outside in the garden, on patio; cigarettes with Va, at the thrift shop, poetry at dinner, making fire, the martini, Of freewill that availeth Much!, the life of the mind, museum-parks-fountains, music-classical-jazz-soul-country, cigars at tea time, dogs and cats and rats, indoor plants, popovers!, ode to the wardrobe…”

1 09 2016

I did think of you, having talked about your list before! And I recalled my list from younger days, “Happy things to think about” . . .

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