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2 02 2013

Appreciate the snow for is basic beauty – the purified essence of nature; the clear, cold truth when frills of summer are stripped away.

So often, as adults, we view the snow with sardonic appraisal. Sure, it is pretty, but we stand by the window, wondering how soon we must go out to shovel.

I say, don’t shovel. Stay by the window, or better yet: turn your face to the soft flakes. Let them brush your skin. See your breath, the proof that you are so alive, and everywhere are sleeping creatures, dreaming of spring.warming hut

Chemical-minimal personal care products

5 11 2008

Wisebread.com, a group blog for the frugal, has a great summary of some healthier toiletry options that are still mainstream brands and therefore easier to find in the stores and in the coupon books. Stocking stuffer and sale season is upon us!

Conservation Page Update

12 08 2008

Please check out the conservation page for an urgent action item concerning the Endangered Species Act. Simply click on the picture to visit the National Wildlife Federation for more information and an opportunity to help.

How enduring is humanity’s damage to the Earth?

14 05 2008

For possible answers, check out this graphic. You may not agree with all of the estimates (I don’t), but it’s both humbling and strangely encouraging to think about the limits to even our most potent destructive tendencies. Mr. James Lovelock would be proud.

(Thanks to Wilderdom.com)

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