Sunchips Ditches Green Bags

6 10 2010
Who Knew? The Kitty Likes SunChips

Image by cmcgough via Flickr

This just in: Sunchips is changing back to normal bags due to falling revenue and consumer complaints about the noisier biodegradable bags. Only the plain, Original flavor will remain in the greener packaging until they can find a quieter bag. Would you complain about a more sustainable choice because of aesthetics, or do you think consumers are worried about their spouse hearing the bag and coveting their chips?

I can’t help but notice that the only flavor that gets to be eco-friendly is plain. Is that what environmentalists are – self-punishing to the degree that Sunchips knows they will eat the plain just for the biodegradable bag? Well, maybe they’re right, but 10% of the time I’d spring for the flavor anyway. Life is too short, after all.

I’ll be on hiatus until next week for a fall foliage vacation. I hope we all get out to enjoy the season surrounding us!

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