Minipost: What’s Your American Dream?

11 11 2010

Due to contracting a virus, going on several job interviews, and injuring one of my key typing fingers, I haven’t posted for a bit. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, faithful readers. So, make like me this week and head over to One American Dream?, which according to the header is “A documentary project exploring how the traditional idea of the American Dream has changed and what it now means to Generations X & Y.”

I submitted my own version of the American Dream, and you can, too – even anonymously. All responses will be a part of this intriguing feature-length documentary exploring how and why that dream has changed. Be sure to incorporate your ideals of green and/or simple living, if you wish :-).

International Migratory Bird Day

9 05 2008

I know, the events are getting a bit tiresome, but there are so many good ones, and my husband especially wanted you all to know about International Migratory Bird Day, which is tomorrow. If you’ve never thought about where all those beautiful birds of summer go for the rest of the year, or if you’d be surprised to learn how important other continents (like South America) are for American bird populations, visit the website: Maybe tomorrow is a good day to buy a field guide, or to crack open the one you already have, and appreciate the beauties of flight. Esquire magazine agrees.

Get Out!

6 05 2008

The outdoorsy fun doesn’t stop with Earth Day. Express your love of America’s extensive trail system–or fall in love for the first time, or again–by attending a National Trails Day event near you. Find it at And show your local park service some love–it’s like an unofficial appreciation day for them, as well. (Yes, I work in a park. A little appreciation never hurt, right?)

UPDATE on 05/08/08: While you’re thinking about the great outdoors, consider signing up for NWF’s Great American Backyard Campout on June 28th.

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